Automatic Filtration System

System enables to obtain the required purification of water or motive fluid in the Automatic mode

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Remote Control Equipment

Designed for wired and wireless remote control of electrical and electrohydraulic equipment

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Rock Pressure Monitoring System

Helps to make forecasts and choose methods to take rock pressure under control in time

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Video Surveillance System

Digital video surveillance system specially designed for video recording within hazardous industrial facilities and mines

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Automated Control System for Roadheaders

Used for underground mining of black coal and other minerals in automatic mode

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Control System for Powered Roof Support

Enables to operate either separate roof support units remotely, or a group of units simultaneously following pre-set automated algorithm

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Control System for Pumping Station

Complex enables to maintain the required pressure and motive fluid consumption in Automatic mode

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Automated Control System for Mine Drainage

The facilities provide automatic control over complexes of main drainages, separate pump sets and solenoid-operated shut-off valving

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Railroad Switch Control System

The radio control panel makes it possible to use switch machine without need to stop a rolling stock

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Control System for Roadheader Machines and Shuttle Mine Vehicles

Enables implementation of various control systems for mine machines in order to improve safety of operating personnel

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Temperature Control System for Vulcanizer Heating Plates

Helps to maintain temperature of conveyor belt vulcanization in automatic mode

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Data Visualization and Transmission to Surface

Ensures data transmission from longwall face to surface via Ethernet using optical fiber or copper cable and via telephone pair using modem

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The SPARC company is an experienced developer of intelligent control systems for mining industry

Blocks and equipment

Explosion-Proof Electric Actuator for Isolation Valve

Controls isolation valve in the piping system within operation at mines

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Intrinsically Safe Video Camera

Developed to be used in difficult and low light conditions

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Angular Position Transducer

Measures rotational speed of mechanisms operated at mines

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Experienced engineers knowing the industry from the inside

Our team can develop integrated equipment of any complexity: from technical drawings to finished equipment duly certified and followed by support service. We employ over 20 highly qualified specialists dedicated to work they love for more than ten years.

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About us

SPARC provides full cycle of project development and production activities: from product development to product launch at customer’s facility.

The company strategy is focused on developing control systems and maintaining them at the highest technical level in accordance with customer wishes.

Our company is available for cooperation at all stages of research, design and production. Besides, the company provides advisory services in the areas of certification and installation of explosion-proof and intrinsically safe equipment.

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