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Automated Control System for Roadheaders

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The control system for roadheaders (SAU-PK) is used for underground mining of black coal and other minerals in automatic mode.

The system is designed to be a part of mining electrical equipment and performs the following functions:

  • Monitoring and control of actuators and working units;
  • Protection of working units;
  • Record and storage of roadheader’s operating parameters both in normal operation and in emergency situations.

SAU-PK is a set of control and power devices mounted inside and outside explosion-proof enclosure (magnetic station). Its structure includes functional units arranged according to block-modular principle.

A roadheader is controlled using local control console or remote control console through wired or wireless interface.

Advantages of SAU-PK

  1. Usable and ergonomic design of the radio control panel;
  2. Graphical user-friendly control interface displayed on color 10-inch screen;
  3. Magnetic station configuration can be easily adjusted to any roadheaders and customer’s requirements;
  4. Available integration with third-party systems of wired, optical and radio interface: RS-485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth;
  5. Self-testing of all parts and units before main contactor is activated;
  6. Monitoring and record of roadheader’s operating parameters, including pressure within hydraulic circuit downstream of each pump, pressure and water discharge in the irrigation system, monitoring and protection of actuator motors (insulation, winding and stator temperature, rollover protection, prolonged start protection, overcurrent protection), oil level and temperature monitoring in the pumping station tank, monitoring of roadheader position (roll angle and pitch angle), monitoring of rotational speed and load level of the roadheader’s actuator, etc.;
  7. Radio control panel can be charged and accumulator can be changed right in the mine;
  8. Record of electricity consumed within each stage and quality control of input power supply.
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