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Technical spec
The Power Supply (IP) is designed to be mounted into explosion-proof enclosure with International Protection Marking IP54 (at least). It is used in electrical and electrohydraulic systems to supply power to intrinsically safe circuits of equipment. The Power Supply and its modifications can be used underground at mine faces exposed to methane and dust explosion hazards, as well as in potash mines in accordance with safety regulations for coal mines (PB 05-618-03) and unified safety regulations for development of ore, non-metallic and placer deposits of mineral resources by underground technique (PB 03-553-03).
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Alternating current input voltage~85..250 V
Number of input voltage phases1
Alternating current frequency50 Hz
Current consumption< 700 mА
Rated output intrinsically safe DC voltage12 V
Rated load current1,3 А
Input voltage ripple5%
Level and type of explosion protection[Ехib]I
Ingress protection leveIP30
Dimensions136х70х55 мм
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