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Control Console PCmain-P

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Technical spec
The console PCmain is designed for process automation tasks in electrical and electrohydraulic systems, such as control of pumping stations, conveyors, filtration stations, etc.

PCmain and its modifications can be used underground at mine faces exposed to gas and dust explosion hazards, as well as in potash mines in accordance with safety regulations for coal mines (PB 05-618-03) and unified safety regulations for development of ore, non-metallic and placer deposits of mineral resources by underground technique (PB 03-553-03).

The Control Console PCmain includes steel enclosure (International Protection Marking IP54), keyboard with 10 keys, 7-inch color TFT LCD and electronic units. The console is used to operate process equipment. All information from sensors mounted on the operated equipment is shown on color TFT LCD and stored for further analysis and collection of statistical data. All data and parameters of equipment operation can be found at the console itself or transmitted to surface via modem line or using USB flash drive.


  • emergency stop. By pushing emergency stop button all operated units and motors will be switched off;
  • command control of electrohydraulic valves – up to 12 pcs;
  • scanning of dry contacts used to check feedback and to monitor condition of sensors equipped with a group of dry contacts – up to 9 pcs;
  • control of various mechanisms by switching dry contacts with or without diode – up to 18 mechanisms;
  • scanning of analog sensors with output signals for voltage, current and frequency – up to 18 sensors;
  • scanning of digital sensors with output signals for interface RS485;
  • information exchange between PCmain and top level system via galvanically isolated communication line RS485 with MODBUS RTU protocol;
  • audible and visual alarm signals;
  • remote control of objects;
  • archiving and storage of data for determinable period of time;
  • connection of similar devices PCmain and creation of shared network;
  • display of information on condition of other devices interacting with the console;
  • self-test ensuring off-line diagnostic testing of internal devices and equipment interacting with PCmain.


One of the options is to apply the console PCmain for a pumping station.
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Level and type of explosion protectionPО Ех[iа]I/РВ Ех[ib]I
Ingress protection levelIP54
Nominal input parameters
Alternating current input voltage12 V
Current consumption0,5 А
Input voltage ripple5 %
Power consumption6 W
Intrinsically safe input parameters
Alternating current input voltage13 V
Maximum input current1,7 A
Maximum input power22,1 Bт
Maximum input inductance0 µH
Max input capacitance< 2,5 μF
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