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Automated Control System for Mine Drainage

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Automated control system for drainage is designed for operating in coal mines, which are methane explosive and coal dust hazardous. The facilities provide automatic and automated control over complexes of main drainages, separate pump sets and solenoid-operated shut-off valving. The system is designed for pumping groundwater from drainage mine layouts.

The System enables:

  • Automatic control over pump sets at the signal of water level sensors in water drain;
  • Automated control over pump sets at the command of operator;
  • Configuration of operational parameters of drainage installation (sensors calibration and actuation level setting);
  • Continuous control over operating mode of pump sets;
  • Emergency shutdown and automatic changeover of pump sets;
  • Control over order of pumps operating priority;
  • Warning and emergency alarm notifications in case operational parameters exceed set value range;
  • Collecting, processing and storing of operational parameters data for facilities operating as part of system;
  • Automatic control over solenoid-operated shut-off valving;
  • Visual displaying of the object status data on the control board screen (sensors reading, operation mode, shut-off valving position);
  • Visualization of process operations with displaying of operational parameters on automated work place of a mining controller.
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