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Power Supply IP2

Power Supply IP2Фото 2
Technical spec
The Power Supply (IP2) is intended primarily for use as part of control systems for diesel and electric transport of mine execution. A feature of the power supply is the input voltage range of DC 20-30 V with an intrinsically safe circuit output of level "ia". This allows to use a diesel transport generator or a battery pack as a primary power source. Using the IP2 power supply in conjunction with SPARC Battery Power Supply allows to organize uninterrupted power supply.

The Power Supply (IP2) is designed to be mounted into explosion-proof enclosure with International Protection Marking IP54 (at least). It is used in electrical and electrohydraulic systems to supply power to intrinsically safe circuits of equipment.

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DC input voltage20..30 V
Current consumption1,3 mA
Intrinsically safe DC output voltage12 V
Rated load current1,4 А
Output voltage ripple5%
Rated output power15,6 W
Maximum input voltage35 V
Intrinsically safe DC output voltage13 V
Maximum intrinsically safe load current1,5 А
Maximum inductive load150 µH
Maximum capacitive load25 mkF
Short circuit current1,5 А
Maximum intrinsically safe power output19,5 W
Level and type of explosion protection[Ех ia Ma] I X
Ingress protection levelIP30
Dimensions137х70х55 mm
Weight1 kg
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