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Video Surveillance System

Video Surveillance SystemФото 2Фото 3
DISMM (Digital Intelligent system of mining monitoring) is a modern digital video surveillance system specially designed for video recording within hazardous industrial facilities, including mines exposed to gas and dust explosion hazards.

Video surveillance system DISMM includes:

  • Explosion-proof IP camera Ех. Camera Ех was specially designed to be used in difficult and low light conditions;
  • Power supply unit. Uninterruptible power supply ensures operation of devices for up to 24 hours consuming 1 A;
  • Media converter. It is used for media conversion between 10/100BASE-TX and 100BASE-FX;
  • Network hub Ex. It is required to create unified system of transmission and collection of data received from video cameras and from other mine facilities;
  • Control panel Ex 10". It is designed to display camera image on 10" screen and configure system parameters. It can be connected both to the shared network Ethernet-TX and through interface RS485.
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