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Rotary Encoder

Rotary EncoderФото 2
Technical spec
The Rotary Encoder is used in electrical and electrohydraulic systems to measure angle of rotation and number of revolutions.

The device is ready to be fixed on the motor shaft. The encoder consists of aluminum enclosure, clamping ring for the encoder to be fastened to the shaft and holder for fastening to motor case. There is end-mounting cable entry with cable for connection to voltage source and for reading output signals relating to angle of rotation.

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DC input voltage5 V
Rated input current≤150mA
Resolution1024 p/R
Output voltage≤5 V
Output current≤20 mА
Insulation≤10 MOhm
Operating temperature-40 .. +70 °С
International Protection MarkingIP54
Shaft40 mm
Масса1,1 kg
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