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Unauthorized access prevention device

Unauthorized access prevention deviceФото 2Фото 3
Technical spec
UPND is designed to control unauthorized access to automated control systems, as well as to switch the remote control circuit of the starter by means of a specialized mechanical key. Access control is carried out by reading data from Rfid tags. The switching of the stop circuit is performed by a specialized key. The power to the UPND is supplied from an intrinsically safe power supply. Communication with the control system is carried out via a wired RS485 interface.
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DC input voltage12V
Rated current consumption0.1 A
Data reception/transmission interfaceRS485
RS485 data transfer rate9600-115200 baud
Degree of protection from external influencesIP54
Overall dimensions118x109x46 mm
Weight2 kg
Explosion protection markingPO Exia ma I Ma
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