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Pressure Relay

Pressure RelayФото 2
Technical spec
Pressure Relay is designed to control the pressure of the working fluid by switching intrinsically safe control circuits. Switching is carried out when the set pressure level in the hydraulic system is reached. The actuation setpoint is set at the factory in agreement with the customer. During operation, if necessary, it is possible to change the setpoint, which is produced by rotating the screw located in the center of the relay. The setpoint range is determined by the design of the device.
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Nominal parameters
Number of digital outputs of the “dry contact” type1
Adjustable pressure range, bar (maximum pressure, bar)
SPARK.04.09.0000,2-2,5 (25)
SPARK.04.09.000-011-12 (150)
SPARK.04.09.000-025-50 (150)
SPARK.04.09.000-0310-100 (150)
SPARK.04.09.000-0420-200 (400)
SPARK.04.09.000-0550-400 (600)
Degree of protection from external influencesIP 54
Overall dimensions138x38x38 mm
Weight0.5 kg
Explosion protection markingRO Ex ia I Ma X
Intrinsically safe input parameters
Intrinsically safe AC input voltage28 V
The maximum value of the input intrinsically safe alternating current0.3 A
Intrinsically safe DC input voltage13.5 V
The maximum value of the input intrinsically safe DC1,7 A
Maximum inductance0 mcg
Maximum capacity0 uf
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