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Automatic Filtration System

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Technical spec
For sustainable and long-term operation of hydro-facilities strict requirements to purification rate of mine water and oil-in-water emulsion of HFA-E type are to be followed. Setup of automatic filtration SAFsystem as a part of filter station enables to obtain the required purification of water or motive fluid in the Automatic mode.

SAFsystem facilities control the process of automatic filtration unit backflush via electrohydraulic valves, meanwhile the system controls status data of backflush filters with pressure sensors or pollution indicators.

All the data incoming from sensors and operated facilities is displayed on 7” color TFT-screen. Status data, sensors reading, settings readjustment and emergencies are archived and saved on the control board. Archived data is accessible either directly on the control board or it can be delivered to the surface in two ways: via USB drive or transmitted via modem transmission line, for which galvanically isolated interface RS-485 with common data transmission protocol MODBUS RTU is provided.

SAFsystem control board has sound and light alarm system to notify operating personnel on actions carried out and emergencies. SAFsystem can operate in 4 control modes, which enables adjustment to any requirements:

  • Manual control – enables to initialize forced filter wash at any time;
  • Automated control with timer – enables to initialize filter flush in a specified time interval;
  • Automated control with sensor - enables to initialize filter flush at the signal of pressure sensors or pollution indicators;
  • Automated control with sensor and timer (sensor + timer) – enables to initialize filter flush both at the signal of pressure sensors or pollution indicators and at the signal of timer.
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  • SAFsystem enables to eliminate manual filter flush operation and thus to obtain more useful work time;
  • In case of correct configuring and properly functioning equipment, SAFsystem does not require operating personnel attendance in the course of operation. The system notifies on necessity to replace filter elements or emergencies;
  • SAFsystem enables to increase the filters operational life;
  • SAFsystem enables to obtain the required quality of motive fluid;
  • Due to its information capacity, simplicity and maintainability, SAFsystem requires no special training of personnel to work with the automatic filtration unit.
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